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At 5:12pm on April 8, 2009, Zack Porter said…
Lincoln, I've been gone a while but I'm back. :)
At 10:04am on November 24, 2009, Sirron Carrector said…
What's up man!
Great site!
I saw the video on AdAge and went crazy!
Boomerang was the reason I pursued Advertising in college.
I am definitely a bull horn for The Marcus Graham Project!
At 2:26pm on January 30, 2010, Sean Francis said…
Great show on Fearless Q+A! Gotta love the eureka moment when you came up with this initiative.
At 11:17am on December 2, 2010, Felicia B. Geiger said…
this will be our third year!!!! Looking forward to seeing you .....
At 1:33pm on December 2, 2010, Felicia B. Geiger said…
well i am a frozen apple.....its chchchillly....
Am excited for February,,,,,looking forward to spending time with the students.....
At 4:15pm on December 2, 2010, Felicia B. Geiger said…
oh trust me....i am !!! are you going to participate on the any of the panels?
At 5:03pm on December 7, 2010, Garrett Batista-Jennings said…
Hey Lincoln,

Thank you for reaching out to me. All is well. I'm currently living and going to graduate school in New York City now. How is everything going with you?! By any chance, do you know of any professionals in print advertising in the New York City area? I'm still new to the city and I'm trying to meet other like minded individuals.

I appreciate your time and consideration. Happy holidays.

Garrett Jennings
At 11:45am on December 8, 2010, Garrett Batista-Jennings said…
Hey Lincoln,
I would love to work in print production at an advertising agency or maybe even publishing. I'm also open to learning more about the digital space; it'll have to be a junior role though.

At your earliest convenience, maybe you could take a look at my LinkedIn page. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Take care,
At 1:22pm on December 20, 2010, Roddray Walker said…

Yes sir I am still with S\W, funny though because I just sent you a message w/o knowing you commented on my page. Any assistance would be great help.

At 12:16pm on October 26, 2011, Zuri Lyons said…

Hey Lincoln, thanks for inviting me to join your site! Looks fantastic. I know it's been quite some time since we have spoken but let me know if there is anything else I can do/help with.

Take care :)


At 4:43am on January 25, 2013, Jason White said…


Just wanted to say congratulations from China. You are an inspiration and your work is the stuff of legends. Keep reaching, my brother.


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