In a June article on, an article entitled "Harnessing The Winds of Change" provided the following research findings regarding how leaders effect change:

Our research and experience in personal and organizational change point to seven key shifts as it relates to thinking about and leading through change:

-- Shifting from a focus on problems to a focus on opportunities: Effective leaders tend to perceive and to innovate on the opportunities inherent in change.

-- Shifting focus from the short term to the long term: Effective leaders don't lose sight of their big picture vision in the midst of change.

-- Shifting from a focus on circumstances to one on purpose: Effective leaders maintain a clear sense of purpose, value and meaning to rise above challenging, immediate circumstances.

-- Shifting from a focus on control to one on agility: Effective leaders understand that controlling management yields limited results, but that being flexible and adaptable to internal and external needs sustains results over the long haul.

-- Shifting from a focus on self to service: Effective leaders buffer their teams and organizations from the stress of change by managing, neutralizing and/or transcending their own stress.

-- Shifting from expertise focus to listening focus: Effective leaders stay open and practice authentic listening to stay connected with the pulse of organizational and marketplace needs. They listen, synthesize and act--then listen some more!

-- Shifting from a focus on doubt to one on trust: Effective leaders are aware of the risks and downsides yet possess a depth of self trust that they can handle most anything that may come their way.

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