In the month of January the Marcus Graham Project will join the Harvard School of Public Health and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership’s National Mentoring Month movement with a call to action to those that are seeking mentorship and connecting with individuals committed to reaching back (or over) to ensure the success of one’s career and personal goals.

Our call to action in the month of January is called #SpeakUP. Often those that are in need of mentors don’t “speak up” about their need to have a mentor or mentors in their lives. Likewise, those that have found success, whether they are newbies or vets, haven’t spoken up enough about how mentorship has landed them to where they are.

If you are interested in mentoring or being mentored please designate in this forum.  Raise your hand and #SPEAKUP!

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Hello there,

Here I am speaking up.

I'm a Jr Art Director in NYC, and I would like to both mentor and get mentored.

What I'm looking for from a mentor is someone who is in the industry that can share their experiences with me and guide me throughout my career and help me make the right decisions. I'm also looking for someone I can exchange ideas with, have coffee with and just talk. 

I'd like to mentor too. I only have a couple of year of experience but I'm very involved in the industry and have quite some stories to share. I started sharing through Dear Brook Blog ( It's a blog about a Junior in Advertising helping other Juniors in Advertising.

I hope many people will #SpeakUp , because many good things can come out of this!





My name is Ariel and I'm currently a senior at The University of Texas at Austin. In May, I will graduate with my bachelor degree in marketing and African American studies. My main career interests after college are in brand planning, brand management, and multicultural/target marketing. I also have an interest in account planning.

I am interested in being paired with a mentor who can give insight as to where to start in the advertising industry. Of course, I've taken a few steps such as applying for the Marcus Graham Project Internship this summer (I'm sending in my application this Friday) and doing internships around Austin, but someone who currently works in the industry as a minority would be a great person to talk to. Thanks for this opportunity to connect with a mentor!




Good afternoon all,

My name is Jerome Menifee, 2009 graduate of Morehouse College. I have a BA in Business Admin-Management with aspirations of breaking into the Marketing/Advertising industry. It has been difficult as I don't have the experience although I am proficient in sales, graphic design, visual art, research and analysis. I am looking for a mentor to give me guidance as to what I should be doing to break into the industry and begin a successful career. I thank you for your time and consideration.


Lincoln, excellent post and initiative. I would be more than happy to help someone looking to enter or grow in the advertising industry.

Please let me know next steps.

John Casmon
Acct. Sup., Commonground Marketing

Hi John,

Read the posts above you and if you find that you think you would be a good mentor to one of the folks looking for a mentor reach out to them through a message. 

John said:

Lincoln, excellent post and initiative. I would be more than happy to help someone looking to enter or grow in the advertising industry.

Please let me know next steps.

John Casmon
Acct. Sup., Commonground Marketing


I am Dwight Pirtle, a 2010 graduate of the University of Cincinnati and I want to #SpeakUp!

After receiving a B.B.A. in Marketing as well as International Business, I started a career at an advertising agency in Cincinnati, OH.  I currently have a year of experience in online marketing, mainly Search Engine Marketing.  I have not had any luck with identifying a mentor that has industry knowledge and a genuine interest in mentoring.  I would like to have a mentor who is able to offer insightful counseling to help take me to the next level in my career.  My current role is very concentrated and I am seeking to be exposed to more of the marketing/advertising industry.

Be on the look out for my ICR8 Summer Boot Camp application as well!

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding next steps.

Dwight D. Pirtle


Oliver McCutchen Jr. | Copywriter in RVA

I am fully open to gain as much wisdom and inspiration as I can.  I have an awesome mentor who was key in helping me prove that I belong in the creative industry.  Mentors work.

I believe that much can be learned from many.  I welcome others who are willing to mentor a copywriter that is fresh in the industry and looking to do a lot of work within it on multiple levels.  Not just chasing awards, but developing new processes to create and execute ideas, communicate and inspire.

I mentor quite a few youths and introduce them to the creative industry, which was never presented to them as a possible career opportunity.

So please #SpeakUP.

Best Regards,

Oliver McCutchen Jr.


I have a long way to go, but I know I will get there. I'm speaking up so I won't have to go it alone. I'm looking for a mentor who will guide/support/tell me when I'm out of hand/believe in me through this journey.

Thanks to all who took the leap of faith to #SPEAKUP,

Jessica Willis: aspiring art director and more



I am taking the initiative to Speak Up! I am graduating from the University of Dallas in the Spring 2012 with an MBA in Marketing Management.  I have previous Marketing experience but I am currently working in Network Operations. I would love to transition into Marketing and Advertising.  I would like to paired with a mentor that can assist with my transition into Marketing/Advertising. Thanks for your consideration. 



Renee Wagner   

[Raises both hands].

I am looking for a mentor. 

Graduate student at the University of Oklahoma studying human relations, I recently received my bachelor's in journalism with an emphasis in public relations in May 2011 from the same university. I now am a graduate intern at Schnake Turnbo Frank | PR in Tulsa, OK. This is now my 5th internship since I began studying PR and I am ready to get out of Oklahoma!

I am looking for a mentor to help me transition from this intern life and evolve into a full-time public relations professional. I am unsure exactly where to start to look for jobs and knowing which one is right for me, how to negotiate salaries and just small tips that could help in interview processes.

Thank you Lincoln for this amazing initiative!


Tiona Bowman

My aim is to build a mutually beneficial relationship with a mentor where we are able to exchange experiences, learn, and grow from one another. Having seen first-hand how difficult it can be for minorities in the industry, my ultimate goal is to contribute my talents to helping others succeed. I am colorful, resourceful, and believe in the power of networking with a smile.

I invite you all to connect with me. Let's get to know each other!

Twitter: @joymarieeparker


Google Voice: (347) 560 8692 

Hi, I'm Elise and my background is primarily in print and broadcast journalism. I also have some experience as a paralegal. I recently entered the local media and small-medium sized businesses advertising space.  I am a Media Analyst in Northern VA who researches issues concerning media and audience engagement, blogs about industry trends relevant to our client base and helps program directors with organizing client deliverables.

I am looking for a mentor who can help me learn more about these areas, particularly smb advertising and digital media, ie; blogs to read, companies to know, and how I can use this position and its transferable skills to transition into my next position.

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